Model training

Dou you wanna become a model? You are at the right place!

Who's model training for?

Hundreds of models joined us already, but the registration does not force anyone to take part in trainings. If someone is registered with us, we administer with own materials and employ them casually without any exclusiveness or obligation. The will be managed according to previous experience.

In case someone begin a beginner intrested in modeling seriously, we meet in person and make an offer to our model training program, inasmuch the model is suitable. Based on our many years experience the new face models' career will be more successful, if we do not "drop them into a deep water" without any skills and information, but also prepare them for the challanges of modeling industry.

Quality againts quantity. We'll only teach you, if we beleive in 100% of you.
Quality againts quantity. We'll only teach you, if we beleive in 100% of you.

How is the suitable model?

  • 15-21 years old girl
  • 172-180 cm height
  • waist maximum: 64 cm, hips maximum: 92 cm
  • characteristic/beauty face
  • natural look
  • useable english language skill
  • diligent, flexible, motivated personality
  • willing to travel for months (2-3 months)

What is the model training about?

  • The basics of of modeling, professional rules, and etiquette
  • The specialization of works on national and international level 
  • Legal knowledge of contracts
  • Catwalk
  • Posing in front of the camera
  • Videocasting skills
  • Acting skills
  • Personality development: self-confidence and motivation training
  • Self-marketing and social media image building

The trainings and workshops operate in small groups or individually at pre-agreed times.

The interest is common, the expenditures, as well...

As with all professions, there are costs, but at our agency the model and the agency share the cost of learning. The amounts to be covered by the model are determined in a personalized way after a preliminary assessment of the experience. The profit of our agency does not come from course fees, but rather from long-term cooperation with the model.